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The Relaxed Rhythms Hair Extensions are the most recent addition to our product line. This beautifully textured hair will appeal specifically to the African American woman who is looking for a perfect match for hair that has been chemically relaxed. This hair is still 100% human and 100% Remy. It has been processed to achieve the relaxed texture. However, since the cuticles have been left in tact the quality remains superb!

Relaxed Rhythms - Straight (Hand Tied)
Hand tied Relaxed Rhythm Straight Hair made with 100% Remy hair. The weft is a very small and hand made. If you plan to cut the wefts you will need to seal them at the cut ends to prevent the weft from unraveling which will cause the hair to shed. We recommend a small dab of nail glue.

The hair is processed for texture and color. We generally stock colors 1, 1B, 2, and 4. The hair is sold in 4 ounce packs. You will need approximately 2 packs for a full head weave.

Relaxed Rhythms Straight - Machine Weft